Photo shoot anyone?

I’ve been trying to make clothes for years. I used to sew them when I was little and would never wear them because I was afraid they would fall apart. I learned to sew cosplays and rocked them but that wasn’t what I wanted in my shop. I tried painting and bleaching shirts when I got older and that was nice but I couldn’t make the shirts turn out quite the way I wanted them. I sewed appliques onto sweatshirts, they were comfy but never perfect. Finally I’ve found the tools to turn my ideas into reality! Finally, Jellibunn Creations has good quality, gorgeous clothing!

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos of our model Nikki wearing our newest clothes!

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Temporary Hiatus

Oh look, I’m actually updating. The problem is that I’m updating to tell you that I won’t be updating anything for awhile and my etsy shop is on hiatus, my storenvy is still up but won’t have anything new posted. I’m still going to Akaicon and San Japan though.

The reason for the sudden silence is that my fiance just got a job in Richmond, Virginia! We’re there looking at apartments right now. We move September 7th and while I’m scared out of my mind I’m excited too! This is our first big move and it puts us closer to more conventions and to the lifestyle we’ve been looking for.

Wish us luck! I’ll open back up late September. In the meantime, get ready for Halloween!

I finally updated…..

I’ve been on hiatus. I’ve been doing some work but not that much that actually will be seen until the end of the month if that early. However, I finally got pictures off of my boyfriend’s phone so I could create listings on Storenvy and Etsy then promptly realized I had several photos on the computer that I could have been uploading over the past few weeks. Sorry everyone.

Here’s the new Etsy listing – the beautiful Cassandra Pentaghast



In other news I might be moving within the next month or so, not sure but a definite maybe. I’ll let you know once I know. In the mean time I’m going back to bed, I’m pretty sure I’m sick ><


It’s definitely time for Jellibunn Creations to get a blog. I’ll have to work on taking photos at cons more, but be prepared! I should probably get a phone with a better camera while I’m at it…

My next con is Akaicon in Nashville, TN August 26-28. I’m probably going to wear Cullen at least one day unless I get my Skyhold Inquisitor cosplay finished!


Also, if you’ve never heard of Jellibunn Creations go check out my Etsy and follow me on Facebook at

Pokemon Go has us like

Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh! It’s here, it’s finally here aaaaaand the server crashed. Even if I can’t go level up and fight that gym that’s literally within walking distance of my house right now I can post some hats that I’d forgotten to get pictures of before. Say hello to the Team Galactic and Team Flare inspired hats!

team flare.png

team galactic.png

and of course I had to re-up my other Pokemon inspired hats because I can’t just have 2 of them listed. No!